Did you know that in Tesco now

there is like a two tier price system for some stuff.

So if you have a Tesco clubcard a packet of Pringles BBQ is say £1.50, but if you don’t have a Tesco clubcard then the Pringles BBQ is £2.50.

A lot of the items on ‘offer’ with the clubcard are also just sort of normal price compared to other stores, so actually you are being sort of penalised for not having a clubcard rather than being rewarded in any way.

Anyone else notice this? Anyone else do this?

Just thought I would let you all know about this in case you get ‘stung’. HTH


Yep noticed more when doing the shopping online than in the shops though.

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Yeah, I did notice this.

I quite like that the Tesco Clubcard has a red rim to it - so it’s easiest to find in the wallet.

Wish I had a red rim.


They’ve got rid of none club card discounts full stop I think unless it’s yellow stickered

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Also, there are certain items that I don’t think I’ve ever bought full-price. Pringles, most other crisps, most branded ice cream, etc

Tesco Express’ are the most depressing places of all the mini supermarkets.


Tesco can kiss my ass. But then so can Asda, Morrisons, etc etc. None of them respect me.


Quite liked them. UNTIL NOW!
Good beer selections

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Tesco does the best sandwiches and meal deal imo. Credit where it’s due.

Also in Tesco, if your shopping comes to like £17:40, you are asked if you want to play £18:00 and they will donate some of that somewhere.

So effectively, you are asked for money on the way in, then at the self service till also.

I bought some stuff earlier expecting a fat discount and 1 of them items was no longer giving the special friend pricing. Update the stickers you pricks!

OK I have a story on this.

I like wine. I buy wine from my local Tezzers. It’s often discounted. The other week I saw that the bottle I usually buy was discounted so I picked up four and shoved them into my basket with my other shopping. Went to the self-checkout, which said it couldn’t print receipts. Not bothered so I scanned everything, then got my card out and as I was about to tap, noticed the amount seemed like it’d charged me for an extra bottle.

So I got a staff member over and they had to change the till roll and press a lot of buttons and then print me a receipt, which showed the full price. I said “but it’s labelled as £X” and she said “that’s the clubcard price”, and I involuntarily squeaked out “that’s… dishonest” in the most feeble way possible and she said “yeah”. And then I thanked her and then I left.

True. Story.


Absolutely pointless bags of shine. I hate tesco.

You should become one of those not at all embarrassing people who argues that because the sticker says, they are legally obliged to offer it at that price. I don’t know how those people cope with the continual admiring looks from the other customers.


Didn’t realise the club card prices are actually just normal prices. What are they playing at? They’re gonna go bust

Imagine as gdpr is getting binned they’re ramping up ways to harvest data. Work are at it with memberahips just to be sat in your office so they can spmm you with loads more crap than ever before

did you pay for the wine anyway?