Did you know that in Tesco now

I used to hate/boycott Tesco because of Shirley Porter, which might be a bit out of date now, but then along came lockdown and my resolve crumbled like an own-brand Tesco digestive.

I paid and then some. By which I mean in money (a lot) and self-esteem (a lot).


Went to Tesco to do the weekly shop as a treat on Sunday (literally not been to one for about 10 years) and noticed this.

Downloaded the app and registered for a clubcard while we were on the way round because of it. Probably not go to one for another 10 years now…

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I would rather post about it on a music forum thank you


Unless things have chainged then it’s absolute fair game to query this kind of thing as their policy used to be that you’d receive double the difference back if you were overcharged.

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Yeah has anyone got a big resealable can for me to put these worms in?

Sorry, you’ve lost me here.

Yeah, they pretty much are like a multipack of chocolate (twirl or whatever) is £1 with clubcard and £2 or £1.50 or something without when you can get multipacks like that for £1 in all other supermarkets.
It seems like a really weird, aggressive marketing ploy just to get people to use a clubcard. Why? Really doubt that means you’ll be way more loyal to Tesco, more like you’ll just be pissed off when u don’t have one.

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Once upon a time I went to Reading Festival and so visited big Tesco on the first day after setting up my tent. Like everyone else does - that store gets absolutely rinsed. I was charged for 2 crates of lager when I was only buying 1. I noticed straight afte rand they told me to go to customer services for a refund. They then gave back the cost of both crates = free crate.

Best of all, I was 17 at the time.


Yeah i noticed as its plastered on all the items that have a clubcard price

Who’s going to tell him?

The discount tag actually says Clubcard price on it

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No, clubcard prices are not simply the normal prices in other supermarkets (and the normal price of multipacks of Cadbury chocolate bars like Twirl are 98p in Tesco without needing a clubcard).

Tesco have simply taken their normal offers that were available to all customers and restricted them to clubcard holders. They sneakily phased this change in gradually e.g. it was just frozen goods at first. You are right to say that they are punishing you for not having a clubcard, rather than rewarding you for having one. The ‘power to lower prices’ marketing campaign is utterly shameless in that regard as it is actually just the power to keep the old offer prices.

Well I mean more that certain items are almost permanently on offer in various supermarkets. So something like Kettle crisps are £1 or something in Sainsbury’s on offer, and £1 with clubcard but £2 without it. You can always find this stuff on offer everywhere but now you need the club card to unlock it, where elsewhere you can just get the offer like a regular joe. In short, fuck em! Hope it’s a disaster!

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Sainsbo have also started doing this kind of thing if you use the SmartShop thing and you’ve got a nectar card.

They’ve still got normal offers on but you get an extra chunk off on certain things you buy all the time. Didn’t know about this until I scanned a jar of Biscoff spread and it came up saying it was nearly a quid cheaper than the label on the shelf said.

Oh I meant to post here. The same day I read the thread I encountered this for the first time. There was a pizza express dinner offer, took it to the till and was told it was for clubland holders only BUT the guy on the till swiped one they had behind the counter for me. Good lad. HOWEVER he also said that the dough balls weren’t the ones in the club card offer and want and got one with the sticker on. He said it was exactly the same packaging but had fewer in! So seems like a BS offer anyway. Also, make sure if you’re not getting something as part of an offer pick the packaging without the sticker on as chances are you’ll be getting less without realising especially if you’re not observant like me.

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I’m sick of getting groceries delivered from Tesco but I’m in too deep now.

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Forgot about this and was in one earlier in the week and was all “ffs, this bullshit again!” Quietly, under my breath like a true consumer hero. Had to get some random inferior chicken as everything else was clubcard price. Fuck you Tesco! Should just get a clubcard really but it’s the PRINCIPLE of the matter!!