Did you know that


there’s another bank holiday this coming monday? I did not, but it’s a good job I didn’t make plans as I’ll be working anyway.

  • Yes I did
  • No I did not!
  • Not on holidaybook

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I’ll be on the Jurassic coast down in Dorset ezzer.


sounds lovely


Even the geological formations are in tiers!



go on then, tell us what your plans are


The weather was pretty wolf whistles last year.


only realised end of last week. it’s amaze because i have thursday to monday booked off work, but because i don’t work mondays anyway i get the TUESDAY off also so 6 days off!!!


thanks for nothing, corbyn!


look out for DINOSUARS!!! @Jeremys_Iron

gonna leave the typo


I’ll be on holiday! WOOPEE!! The bf says we need to go to this pub where you get served your food/pints via a toy train. ALL ABOARD!!


This wee dino will always raise a smile from me.


It’ll be the first day living in Leeds with the TV. She’s conveniently on a hen weekend while I move all our stuff up with her parents.


Zero plans.

The TV’s off on a “pre-stag” weekend and this event I’ve been organising for months is on Friday, then the organised fun social bit (museum trip) is on the Saturday morning.

I’ll probably spend Monday hiding in my flat playing video games and eating Easter egg after the combined build-up of anxiety of this event has exhausted me. Honestly felt sick every time I’ve thought about it and it’s been a struggle not to break down sometimes.

EDIT: not very cheery but IT’S NEARLY OVER so that’s a positive


They only play this and the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song on a loop.


can imagine that becoming extremely tiresome by the 3rd pint.


Not to me. I’m like a giant womanchild, I will scream with glee with every pint that slowly chugs along.


Aw man, sorry to hear you’ve been feeling all the stress regarding this event, wishing you lots of luck for it xx


Back to the old house to eat food


Cheers Witches, just been telling myself constantly that if anything goes wrong it’s not a big deal, no one’s gonna die (as long as the venue gets the dietary requirements right anyway!!!1!!)


And an atd is holding a Prince party