Did you know that


Chris Packham is 57 today?



Nine years older (to the day) than Will Arnett


Man looks absolutely terrific.


Now there’s a good nomination for most interesting person in the country. Absolute legend.


A good date for birthdays. I tried so hard to keep Jnr in another day but she was having none of it.


Have you read his book? It’s lovely.




Did you know that he always has meat in his lunchbox because Chris Packham.


Can a moderator please censor this post asap


She could have shared a birthday with David Beckham had you allowed her out a couple of days earlier as well


Yeah to be fair I don’t want to get anyone sacked for wetting themselves at their desk.


I haven’t. He’s just always struck me as an amazing person though. Was shocked when he revealed he had Aspergers.


Did you know that he never has meat on his front because David Beckham.


This one’s alright.




You are an exceptional person


FUCK! Never realised that that was him!


I’ve never forgiven him for denying my letter requesting to go on the really wild show to be honest


I was the opposite of shocked, more like ‘I knew it’