Did you know this about wasps?

In the winter, all the male wasps die, leaving only the fertilised queen wasps alive. They then hibernate and repopulate the colonies in the spring. So every year there is an entirely new set of wasps.

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Obviously some absolute Malcolm is going to try and claim that this isn’t what happens, and that person should be treated with the utmost contempt.


I’ve been told that male wasps get booted out by the queen and just pootle about while being the equivalent of wasp drunk until they die

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Interested to know how old you think wasps were before learning this.

Old father wasp over yonder is coming for my vimto lollie.


Claim unclear

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It’s pretty impressive. And i apologise in advance for derailing your thread, but it did make me think of this - i am more impressed all land eels being born in the bermuda triangle which i only found out recently. madness


Think we’ve got a wasp nest in the front of our house. I was going to do something about it until I realised it didn’t really matter so didn’t.

Always just assume all insects only live for a few days or weeks anyway

Also, something about making figs

Thought maybe they lived for 100+ years like those big tortoises.

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Tbf if any animal lived forever I wouldn’t be surprised if it were wasps, just out of spite.


Would be better if they all died and then didn’t come back


sounds like they’ve got things all figured out


did some research about fruit flies recently, those fuckers breed really fast!

feel like i have heard this before but i wouldn’t have remembered it if you asked me to tell you how wasps work before this thread so i have voted that i didn’t know

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when do the lady wasps die? just whenver?

apparently a lot of society’s notions about gender roles / male promiscuity are based on shonky fruit fly research

when the mood takes them

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I respect the wasp, their nests are remarkable with the sweeping patterns on the outside and the perfect hexagons within, all from wood and spit. Just Googled and found one built over a single bed in someone’s spare room which was a bit much.

Think I’ve only seen a couple of wasps all Summer.

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Used to hate wasps but got quite into them when I deliberately put out a bowl of sugar water to distract them in late summer and they were quite happy drinking from it and squabbling and largely ignoring us humans. They’re just desperate for a bit of sugar, they’ve been feeding larvae all summer and are fucking knackered.

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Think we have a wasp nest in the roof. Need to deal with that at some point.

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Do we know why every single new set is choc full of bastards?

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