Did you know...?

Last week I asked if you knew about Big Suze. Most of you DID know.

This week I ask: Did you know that many people addicted to meth love to collect rocks? Also, Native American arrowheads…

“You just get to walking and looking at the ground,” Young said. “You get to looking and an arrowhead catches your eye. Many nights Young found himself in fields full of fellow arrowhead hunters. The strangest things you find out there is other dopeheads,” he said, who added that drug dealers and users often trade the arrowheads among themselves."

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I did not. Is this why Hank from Breaking Bad gets obsessed with rocks?

meth rocks

Yeah, I just wondered that myself, I don’t have the answer for you I’m afraid, just here to collect dids or did nots.

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JESUS CHRIST @anon76851889

(the fact that your avatar is purple makes this even sweeter)




I didn’t know this. Thank you scout x

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I knew the Big Suze thing (Freddie Windsor is a weird and inexplicable injoke between my wife and I), but not the meth / arrowhead thing.

I did not know this.

I will now seek to work this fact into as many conversations as I can.



I read that the arrowhead thing might be down to trying to cash them in and buy more drugs, but the rock collecting thing is certainly just a compulsion and police are used to raiding properties and finding drawers full of rocks.

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I did not know this.

@rockbot… How do you feel about @meths?

Guys! I have a bonus rock related did you know…

Did you know that pumice stone is dried/set lava?

(I did not)

I think I did know that.

We used to have a pumice stone in our house when I was a kid. I reckon that most people on DiS don’t have a pumice stone in their house.

My mum used to have one as well. I think they were popular in the 70s, like tupperware.

I did!

All children of the 80s had a pumice stone in the bathroom



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We did, purely ornamental though on the bathroom window sill, it was never used for dead skin removal.

I could actually do with one :grimacing: I’m setting myself up for the worst DiS Secret Santa present aren’t I?!

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