Did you used to go to soft play when you were a kid?

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Wasn’t a thing in the early 90s.

Like hummous.


WRONG, I soft played in the early 90s.


Thought you were 28?

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Witches and Wizards at Gisburn (in hindsight this was the best as it wasn’t adjoining a pub)
Wacky Warehouse
Jimmy G’s

Don’t remember it being a thing late 80’s/early 90’s
Went to one Friday before last. Whole family now has a horrible cold,obvs.
I always end up as some sort of surrogate parent to like 2 other kids whose parents can’t be arsed when I go.

I liked soft play but sometimes those small spaces made me really anxious.

wasn’t a thing when i was young, wouldn’t have gone anyway as we only did free/cheap stuff.

they truly are the worst of places.

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Didn’t know it was called soft play until much more recently but yes we’d often go to a place called Bananas for someone’s birthday or with school.

As a kid it felt like Bananas was just the ONE place where this happened and I’m still always a bit fascinated hearing about other people’s versions of Bananas from when they were kids and how it wasn’t called Bananas for them.

They’re all linked to organised crime, those places (at least they are where I live).

Thinking about it I was probably only ever there a handful of times but the excitement of it all is forever etched on the memory.

Was shit scared of the vertical Coca-Cola slide though

I went to an adult ones few years ago which was mainly horrible. a kids one that opened at night and let you bring booze.

Good idea cause slides are fun but I’ve never been so dehydrated in my life.

The staff were a couple of teenagers who didn’t care and the whole thing felt really lawless.

I’m surprised escape rooms took off as the adults doing kids stuff thing of the late 2010s when adults doing soft play seems like a better rubbish idea. I guess there’s other factors though.

Used to go with my brother, my best friend and his brother who was my brother’s best friend. We always used to fight with other squads

Woodlands had a fucking great ball pool.

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Only ever went for someone’s birthday or something, usually Wacky Warehouse, remember thinking oh yeah this is where kids who eat chicken nuggets and beans and love America go all the time. We didn’t have Sky either lol I’m literally a Tory.

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At wacky warehouse they’d give you ice cream and then ask if you wanted chocolate or strawberry sauce and then one kid would get both and start stirring it all into a gloop and then everyone would do it

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Think I went to a Wacky Warehouse for a birthday party once, I liked the concept but not the amount of noise/people and funny smells.

Have taken R to one a couple of times, not really keen on going again. Probably more fun and also free to go to a half decent playground :woman_shrugging:

Hate the model they’re based of relatively cheap entry but ridiculous food and drink prices for some unhealthy processed rubbish that takes forever to arrive and they’ll probably forget half of your order anyway.

Only really used to go on them when it was raining and they shut the water flumes and the toboggan thing. We drove past it the other day and I was trying to explain what it was to my wife. My best attempt was a petting zoo crossed with an adventure playground designed by the world’s most cautious parent.


YES!! Loved them. Feel a bit irked I’m technically too old for them now.