Did your parents talk to you about sex?

Mine didn’t. I remember finding out that sex and pregnancy were linked for the first time, because this boy was doing a joke about Rio Ferdinand missing his drug test because he was having sex with his wife, who the drug testers pointed out wasn’t pregnant. You had to be there really. 28 I was.

My parents never said anything to me about sex or relationships. Never did me any harm, that I know of.

mum tries to. dirty bitch. won’t have it though. too cringe.

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Nope. The strategy was to make me help my older sister with her biology homework when it was on reproduction. Responsible.

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Abandon reply

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Thankfully not. I learned about it all the proper way, from horror films.


Mine bought me this book:

28 years old, I was.


What are the hundreds and thousands about?

Feel like I might need that book.


It’s fine though, I went to Catholic school, so was taught at the age of 16 that contraception theoretically exists but is bad because anything other than the rhythm method means husbands can have sex with their wives “whenever they want”.

No. Once when I was about 15 and they were going out for the evening my dad vaguely warmed me not to watch anything I shouldn’t on the TV (I don’t know what he thought was available on terrestrial, Euro Trash?)

But then another time I found a copy of Loaded he had and my brother dobbed me in and he was chill with that.

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They’re hormones, I think.

Enjoy your cake.

Throbbing biological urges.


Yeah when I was about 11 or so they made us watch this

Pretty comprehensive. Took a surprisingly long time after watching to put the contents into practice.


Nope - learned it all at school.

Remember reading that round at my mates house.

28, we were.

Nope, none. Would fast forward any sex scenes on tv too. Got about 2 minutes of period chat from my mum when I got mine. Feel like I only got about an hour of sex ed at school too. It’s a wonder I’ve even kissed someone tbh.

Perhaps he’d twigged that you had a Shannon Tweed addiction.

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Mum got me a book from the library. It was a pretty good book tbf,

Dad: “you should carry a condom in your wallet son. Just in case. And if you’re anything like your old man - carry two.” Cheers dad.


Well at least that lowered your expectations.


Dad once threatened 11ish year old Tuna with “stop misbehaving or your mother and I are gonna have sex tonight”, that was about it.


I feel like that came after. Maybe his warning was the spark for me to investigate what was out there.