Did your parents talk to you about sex?

The Hobbit?

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Taught me everything I needed to know about both dwarves and lovemaking it did.

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In primary school sex ed all the teachers were really keen to emphasise that Mary of Nazereth was definitely a virgin, and was the exception that proved the rule. In secondary school they just told us that if we had sex it would be awful, but with more out of work actors. 10/10

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My parents gave me this book when I was around twelve or thirteen. It covered the basics for the most part, though I seem to remember God being mentioned a bit. Now that I look at it it seem it was published by Veritas so that would explain the religious angle.

My parents never discussed sex with me directly after that. There was mention of contraception and not getting myself in trouble but that was about it. I’m blaming the twisted moral values of Catholic Ireland combined with the obvious mortification of any parent when trying to explain sex to a teenager.

Did find a few porn mags my Dad had so I nicked those, obvs.

my mum once told me to use condoms when I was about 13. she might have been overestimating my ability to even talk to girls.

actually had pretty decent sex education at both primary and secondary school, which is something.

also had some amazing talks where they just showed us pictures of people’s genitalia who had stis. a friend of mine passed out at one

The missionary position?


remember one teacher we had who was just like ‘yeah sex is fine tbh, just do it responsibly and it’s fun’ and being like… wo.

that said, the same teacher told the girls in our class that the best contraception was ‘an aspirin between the knees’ and for ages i was like :thinking: how’s that work then?

I also had that book!

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For Christmas when I was 7 or 8 I got a book called ‘1,500 fascinating facts’

it was all in there. A whole chapter about reproductive biology, labelled cutaway diagrams of the male and female genitalia etc etc

Does that mean the other positions are ungodly?

Same, that cover brings back some uncomfortable memories

My Ma just told me not to make anyone pregnant

Perhaps you had my hand-me-down.

They are when I do them.

Both of them.

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My mother bought my sister this title


By this stage, I was far too clued up on the ins and outs, on a purely non-practical level of course. 28 I am, etc.

Received ‘a talk’ after I accidentally left their VHS copy of Jeff Goldblum’s ‘The Tall Guy’ in the video player with the tape stopped straight after a pretty spectacular sex scene.

My Dad is a doctor and my Mum is a nurse so they were able to talk about it fairly frankly and not in a particularly embarrassing way.

That’d explain some of the pages being stuck together

Isn’t it wonderful that Nu DiS has a thread about sex and parents, without a single Your Mum joke being made? Not like the old board.


I pitch 'em up…