Didn’t know Peterborough was in Cambridgeshire




It is, but it is also its own unitary authority, separate from Cambridgeshire County Council and associated districts.


Urinary authority more like!


Did you know Cambridge is in Peterboroughshire?


Bad ant bad ant
Whatcha gonna do
Whatcha gonna do when he comes for you


It is


I wouldn’t worry: the ‘Soke’ used to be part of Northamptonshire until the mid-60s, then Huntingdonshire until the mid-70s, so it’s an understandable mistake to make.



There’s loads of machines in my house turning things round and round and making them hot and/or clean


I’m just trying to offer Jordan reassurance, but all you want to do is kick him when he’s down…


Still hear folks mispronounce ‘Northampton’ and ‘Southampton’

North-hampton :heavy_multiplication_x:
North-ampton :heavy_check_mark:
South-hampton :heavy_multiplication_x:
South-ampton :heavy_check_mark:


Hey, I was straight in with a comment on this post! Your talk of the Soke was pure “three socialist mayors” stuff (though I quite liked it).


I had been in an IMPORTANT BUSINESS meeting for an hour.


it’s a bit of a… i mean it IS but to someone in Northamptonshire, Peterborough is definitely in Northamptonshire. It has delusions of grandeur, but it’s just a firm fact that the Four Shit Cities of Northants shall forever be linked


Bring back the Soke of Peterborough, i say!!!

Second best city in cambridgeshire behind ely, obviously


Indeed. Big cathedral and an even bigger Tesco. Pure class.


One of the biggest waitrose’ in the east too!

stares wistfully


the amount of utterly pissed purchases i made from that tesco in the wee hours are mind boggling.

once woke up having helped my friend fit a full budget stereo system to his wall. we had also bought hats. DAMN YOU 24 HOUR TESCO.


only 7/10 pubs though


City centre pubs are shite, but there are some gems if you know where to look (same as any city i guess).

Palmerston arms, hand and heart…