Didn't know competitive public speaking was a thing

This lad is good at it though, apparently.


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Isn’t this basically what every sales pitch in the history of anything ever is?

The better someone is at speaking the less I trust them


Nor me

reckon if there was a competition for being the worst at this then i’d win

You know the people with the most charisma are those who hardly say anything. I will bend over backwards for people who ignore me



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Can someone tell Bammers I’m ignoring him, please?

Thank you.

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Alright Morrissey

if I ever have to do any public speaking, as long as I actually remember to speak, don’t fall over going onto the stage or getting off, and don’t get heckled, I deem it a success.

Previously, I did not know that competitive speaking was a thing

Then I got stuck in a room full of people taking cocaine…

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