Didn't know Sam Smiths was run by such a mad cunt



I guess you could say that he’s only got money on his mind. Maybe the writing’s on the waaaaall.


Lovely to see a man named Humphrey


He’s not even called Sam the absolute fucking pisstwat.


Humphrey Smith might be a complete fucking cockwomble. I wouldn’t know.


Always hated those places for not selling proper coke


He could be a sinner, or a gentleman
He could be your preacher, when your soul is down
He could be your lawyer on a witness stand but
He’ll still face the swearing ban, ban, ban


They’re proper grim places. Noticed that it’s usually recent northern implants who want to go there, god knows why.


I sometimes suggest them for the reasonably priced beer, but then wake up with taddy belly the next day and never learn my lesson.


Alright Howard Marks


it’s £2.18 for a pint in the smiths near me. £2.18 mate! you can get four pints and a bag of peanuts for a tenner is what i’m saying. except they don’t sell peanuts. but the point is is that it’s cheap!

so that’s probably why.


Spoons is probably cheaper and stock a wider variety of beers.


I can get a pint for 2.50 at spoons and they stock peanuts.


yeah the reason that people go to spoons is the same reason that they go to smiths pubs innit. cheap beer.


But the beers are crap in Sam smiths, most of them have those stupid cubicle booth things, and the vast majority of Sam smiths pubs I’ve visited have been filthy.


So basically:

Go to Sam Smiths pubs – support some awful prick who treats his staff like shit
Go to Spoons – support some awful prick who has wet dreams over Brexit despite the fact it’d fuck up his entire business cos taking back control

Where’s a man to get cheep beer these days


i think most pubs ban dealers tbh




I am drinking a beer from Tesco right now!


i thought The Chandos was nice enough when i was in London. never been to any others.