Die Antwoord

Album #4 Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid released a few days ago, not on Spotify yet.

Memorable music videos, people I know who don’t generally post anything about music share them on Facebook.

What’s the DiS consensus on these guys?

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Annoyingly shite.
No one will be listening to them in a years time

Great fun

I mean, they’ve been doing fine for the last 8 years or so, can’t see why they’d suddenly disappear in the next year…

I don’t really listen to them but I’m glad they exist as a thing. And yeah it’s weird the kind of people I see going to their gigs and stuff, very unlikely crowd.

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ironic racism and no tunes


Going to see these guys with my sister for her birthday on Monday so listening for the first time (I was aware of their imagery previously, which is pretty striking). So far I’m finding them pretty hilarious - they’re like a South Africa version of Goldie Lookin Chain. Imagine they will be fun live.

I see that they’re playing Download this Saturday second on the bill to Slipknot. I can imagine that is a pretty tough gig :rofl::rofl::scream_cat:

Nah Slipknot are as watered down as anything now, I imagine there’s a big cross over of fans

I’m a fan

Literally the worst band in the entire world and very very possibly (ALLEGEDLY) fronted by an abusive sexual predator

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