Dienstag thread

Alright? Don’t really care what’s going on, just wanted to share my schnee pic:

Es schneit!


Caught between 2 Tuesday threads here… Morning Sevvy, looks frosty as balls in Deutschland.

Gotta pick up a spirit level and some screws and wall plugs tonight :upside_down_face: Having my first pizza of the year tonight, can’t believe I’ve gone 16 days quite frankly.


Uh oh! Which one are we going for??

Went for this once cos it had a nice picture and that no-one who speaks German could be an evil man :slightly_smiling_face:


Hans Gruber says you’re wrong


Okay well as I said in the other thread …


Ooft! Could you corroborate this with any photographs witcho?

This is so tense :grimacing:

@moderators do your magic

All the photos I tried to take look a bit rubs :confused:

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I’m sure a mod will be along to “MERGE” them


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I’m afraid then that I don’t believe it’s snowing in Edinburgh.

Right, you know how a few years ago, some people started using ‘revert’ in e-mails to mean ‘reply’ (eg “I’ll review and revert as necessary”)?

I thought that had died out, but in the past month or so some of the contractors and project managers have started using it and it makes me twitch.

What’s with that then?

Morning! Found a self published autobiography in the staff room this morning. This is the first of 20 contents pages, incredible stuff!

Like your thread? I am so sorry!

@cutthelights back me up!!

What?! It’s not my thread but if it was it would OWN yours.


You’re very kind to look past my typo… (mods!)

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Morning all! Have a Yorkie and a cup of tea here so this morning is looking good. Going to do some overtime in work and then it’s off to see This Is The Kit tonight!

Had my first “ohgodwhathaveidone” moment this morning after the breakup but I know from experience that this feeling is temporary and it will pass. Getting older is good for something!

wtf, never heard of that