Dienstag thread

W/e m8 I “won” so I’m officially throwing shade about the thread

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Feel rough as assholes, but have meetings pretty much all day.

Meant to be playing football tonight but might have to pull out so I can stay warm at home with the cat.

Not much else to add - what ‘bout you guys?

ITS SNOWING :snowflake:

Hiya emo :slight_smile: sorry to hear you’re rough!

Going to wear a wool dress today and wool tights. I refuse to be cold. In fact I might end up being too warm :sweat: it’s the risk I’m willing to take.


Mornin. Standard breakfast protocol in full operation. Dat first gulp of coffee :coffee: :heart_eyes: not quite sure what to do today :thinking:

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Actually had breakfast this morning.




Hiya. Nothing to report.

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Could you be a dear and fix the thread title, it’s going to bother me all day otherwise

Morning all.

I like this thread, reminds me of being 12 and in a youth-hostel in Traben-Trabach.

Was noch…

VBA programming, usual mix of trial and error and more trial and more error. Need to arrange interviews for the vacancy, try and go for a run at lunchtime and finally, football this evening. Might sack that off as am tired.

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Thanks! Just frustrating travelling a lot and getting sick all the time. Having an AID means I just need to walk past someone sick to catch it, but not like I can perpetually take sick days or not travel unless I want to stall/stop/change my career/it’s trajectory. Oh well.

I layer like crazy - would refuse to be hot I get so much more irritated when I’m hot!

Already on my third. Feeling more human now. 15 minutes to first meeting.

@plasticniki I was first, but fine. fine.

Have a good day everyone!

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Did I do it right?

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Oh, you will…

Ja stimmt! Danke Schön!

I’m sure Hans was lovely once you bought him a drink.

I just merged it with the one which had most replies but the important thing is that ILY :heart:

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Morning all.

First day in work of the week for me after taking yesterday off to look at more wedding venues. I am officially wedding-ed out. Glad to be in work just so I don’t have to talk about it anymore.

I did go to 2 curry houses on consecutive nights though. That was good.

Not much else to report. Hope everyone is well.


lots of flying today, been up since 4 :sob:
snow in glasgow, so flight got delayed. think I’m going to miss my next connection.

Heard this song for the first time in years and thanks to DiS it now just makes me think about farting


Morning chums,

Feeling knackered, but otherwise okay. Big project is nearing completion (or rather, my bit of it), so glad to be doing a bit of business-as-usual, i.e. all the actual work I’ve been putting off.

Was gonna go back to judo class tonight but haven’t got my gi and don’t fancy trying it in work trousers.

And I just learned the German for Tuesday!

Really? huh, hope you only just read it now. Want to know anything else? :wink: