Diesel cars ban



Declared by city mayors of Mexico City, Paris, Madrid and Athens. Funnier because a lot of people bought them thinking they were better for the environment anyway.

Any of you fuckers drive diesels?
And when will (non-electric/hydrogen) cars be banned forever do you reckon?




They are better for the environment aren’t they? Just not terribly good for humans.


Yeah they’re a lot better for the ozone layer or whatever, but horrendous locally.


Good for not stalling.


My dad calls it disease-el cos he’s got #madbants



xylo’s looking well


I do. Gonna drive it twice as hard now, while I still can.



Sayeth the BBC: “Diesel engines contribute to the problem in two key ways - through the production of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Very fine soot PM can penetrate the lungs and can contribute to cardiovascular illness and death”

Diesel engines don’t produce “very fine soot PM”, petrol engines do. Diesel cars have had soot filters fitted to them for years, but it’s only now that there’s a requirement for petrol engined cars to do so.

The technology for reducing NOx has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but it’s not particularly helped by CERTAIN VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS not implementing them properly, for a better consumer experience. This is a mostly solved problem if there is the will to solve it.


I’ve got one. I used to drive a bit for work but now I don’t so it just sits there costing me fuck loads of money.

I should prolly sell it eh.


I barely drive mine because I am part of the LME. It just sits there costing me about £1000 a year. Somehow, despite having driven for 13 years and not crashing since the age of 17 the insurance is £850?! Fucking nuts.


Just don’t drive to Paris (or Mexico)


It’s good for emergencies though. Emergencies like going to band practice and doing the big shop.


How the fuck are they planning on getting any goods into their cities if they’re banning trucks, and presumably vans too? Gonna take a lot of bicycles to replace even a Transit van’s worth of stuff…

I’m going car shopping at the weekend - Getting rid of my petrol for a diesel. Fuck you asthmatics!

(I have asthma myself)






Is it Smee you’re looking for?


How would this be policed? Though licence plate recognition?


Government appointed sniper on the roof of an unspecified building in each city. Once a day the sniper will off one diesel driver. Enter the city at your own peril.