"Diet" versions of things that are and are not fine


Low sugar and salt tomato ketchup: fine, tastes the same

Dr Pepper Zero: absolutely not fine but I’ve trained myself into living with it anyway


coke zero: fine


Tastes like an ashtray. Pepsi Max is better.


lo salt salt: shit


Diet tonic water - Ok


Half fat crème fraiche. No.


it’s better than diet coke which just tastes like chemicals

pepsi max probably is superior though tbhumble


I have started eating overnight oats for breakfast; it’s ‘diet’ trifle


literally no point in diet coke or coke zero.


Low fat mayonnaise is fine.


Low fat yogurts are generally fine

Skimmed milk is horrendous


don’t know about Dr. Pepper Zero, but Diet Dr. Pepper is fine.


Low fat crisps or baked not fried or low salt or whatevs,

All fine.


Marlboro lights. Nuh uh.


One of my colleagues drinks decaf coffee with skimmed milk. What’s the point?


if i wanted a trifle and someone gave me overnight oats i would have words with them


Agreed, should just get Pepsi Max Cherry.


ahm oot


Always intrigued as to what constitutes kosher salt. As referenced in predominantly US recipes.


Reduced sugar and salt baked beans

NOT fine.