Different fonts in one email


If you’re hacking bits of text from other sources into one email, are you really precious about it all being the same font, colours etc?

I’m not.


Not unless I’ve started to highlight/colour code chunks for another reason.


Yes, because it takes seconds and also might disguise that I’m blatantly copying stuff.


paste as plain text


just fucking erase the formatting Elaina. I don’t need to receive emails from an actual clown


Hurts my eyeballs


Couldn’t give a monkeys








is there a keyboard shortcut for that?


Probably just control a and set it all to look the same without thinking though, seems like someone might not pay as much attention if I put some of it in comic sans or something.


Who on earth would use a source written in comic sans?


In my job, graphic design, it would make me look like an idiot, I reckon.



Also, I’m an adult, so…


I sometimes think about putting serious emails in comic sans to highlight the pointlessness of life. Always back out though.


I’ve seen finance do it thanks very much, so if finance can do it, I can do it


Finance are the most adult of all the adults


Well apparently not.

They can do whatever they want though because they sort out pay. It’s just upsetting that that’s what they want…


guys i’m afraid i’m now retiring the ‘because i’m not a massive baby’/ ‘because i’m an adult’/ ‘you’re an adult baby’ schtick from the boards. Can someone send out a memo pls