Difficult like Sunday morning

Woke up at 6 for no reason fuck off how are you

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Hello. Fine. Really bored but you know, fine.

The toddler is dipping her crumpet in water.

Aaaand she split her water everywhere.

Mop it up with the crumpet


Horrid day lined up. But doing the bedsheets, so fresh bedding later. Yay.

Wife’s off out to gym, 5th birthday party where the only parent I know is the dad of the 5yo. Need to do a shop, clean up. Boring day really.

Tired, we were up for 3 hours trying to feed little 'un last night, cannot imagine how tired my partner is though who’s now dealing with older kiddo.

Going to the grandparents today so they can entertain the older cheekster to give us some peace.


Was up at 6am also… so just did a bunch of house work.

Now got a coffee and will watch MOTD with a breakfast butty.

Hopefully a nice chilled day today.



Meeting some friends in Cambridge. Awkwardness of trains means we have to leave in the next 10 minutes in order to meet them by 11. Better stop writing this post, really

I’ll wave in the direction of the train line in about 20 minutes.

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I really need some nexium.

Bagel for brekko and a hot cuppa.

Then more bikes. And beers. Beers and nexium unrelated honest

More power to our friend’s neighbour, two doors down for mowing his garden at 8:45 on a Sunday.


Straight to the gulag

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Turns out it was my shoulder that took most of the brunt yesterday.

Better than my head I guess


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Am off to the jewel in London’s crown, Kingston Bentall Centre :crown::city_sunset::office:


At work. First one back after 2 weeks off. I’m spare and not got any work for now, so it’s not too bad.

Waiting til the nice coffee shop opens at 10 so I can go for a nice coffee.

Off to Margate :wave:


We’ve not even left Cambridge yet!

Morning lads

Just woke up still a little pissed in my parents’ house. Today could be difficult for my body and soul.

Swiftogeddon is the coolest thing ever, 5 hours of hyped up drunk girls going bonkers to the biggest hits and most obscure album tracks of Taylor Swift. Cried a couple of times. Ran into two quite important types from work at the bar separately and panicked about being sweat drenched and on my 12th White Claw, then realised that they’re a common on screen presence to me and I recognise them but I’m just one of a grid of over 200 watchers for them so I can fly under the radar. I also have a huge crush on the DJ, I wrote on the requests sheet that I’ll buy her a brownie when they come to Lancaster :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hope u all have a nice sensible Sunday :black_heart:

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