Dig Your Own Hole - 20 today


Yeah, so what? Lesser things get their own space on here.

Still one of my all-time favourites. Hasn’t aged a bit. Full of bangers. Great album.


Those first three albums are all fantastic.


I’ve got a lot of time for everything they’ve done, but the high points become fewer and further between as they go on. The 5th was probably the weakest (the one with Galvanize on it).


On a Dig-related note, Dig Me Out is also 20 tomorrow!


Must have been the rising popularity of Charlie Dimmock and Titchmarsh.


On a Dig-related note, Dig by Mudvayne is 16 on Monday.


LOVED this album when it came out :heart: The only bum note on the whole thing is Noel Gallagher being on it.

Might Dig My Own Whole CD copy of it out this evening and stick it on loud…


Yeah, but Setting Sun is incredible.

Fun fact that everyone knows: it was their homage to Tomorrow Never Knows.


Christ well I sure feel old