Digital Blackface


What do we reckon?

For me, I stick to the default yellow versions of emojis, but I can’t say I’ve observed any racial bias in people’s GIF usage.

New DiS is nearly one!

does this extend to playing as black characters in videogames if you are white?


I’m always black Shy Guy in Mario Kart. Do I need to have a long, hard look at myself?


well shy guys are inherently creepy so yeah I think you do :frowning:


wades into thread


That’s fine. I’m fine with that.

Never really thought about the emoji thing. I’ve used different colour ones every so often just to take people by surprise. No racism implied, just shows you’ve gone to an amusing effort by finding a mid-brown thumbs up.

I think it’s fine. Will reassess.


Digital Greyface :new_moon_with_face:

Tend to just use the yellow lads as The Emoji Movie intended. Seems a bit daft to use any other colour really?


in answer to you FunkyBadger, I can see the argument, white people don’t need to claim access to everything, it’s important for all groups to be allowed self-determination and the ability to define themselves.

I think it’s also important to have a fantasy space to play at and imagine life from a different perspective as a means to bring us all closer together.

Peace and love x


Think I’ll defer to the person who actually experiences racism on this one and not use them (wasn’t before, still won’t be).


Just don’t use emojis. Problem sorted.


in the MSN messenger days I remember there were hug emoticons, one was white one was black I think, the white one was hugging to the right and the black one hugging to the left, so you needed to use them both to show a reciprocated hug.




Completely agree that it’s odd to use anything but the default/your own skin tone for an emoji. Though is this some epidemic I’ve not experienced? I’m not seeing anyone do it personally.

The reaction gif thing on the other hand I think is really overblown. There are so many different reaction gifs and I really don’t think there’s any minstrel show element to choosing one with a black person in it.


Classic Wade


It would be weird to use anything that isn’t the default or your own skin colour. I really like that they gave skin colour options, It’s quite sweet how everyone I know who is brown/black and uses emojis has switched to their own colour :ok_woman:t5: with the reaction gif though obviously use whatever person you want. It’s a bit sad how some people go overboard with what can be construed as cultural appropriation, because it diminishes the actual logical reasoning behind actual appropriation and makes the whole thing a bit of a joke when actual cultural appropriation is an unpleasant thing? This probably doesn’t make sense but making a big deal over small things is trivialising the actual issues that exist so people need to be careful about what they call racist, sad as that thought is




I use white thumbs, to match my white thumbs.


emojis I would think it is weird as so many of them are supposed to be representative of yourself, gifs I think could be fine, if the gif represents something you want to express then why should the colour of skin of the person in one matter (personally I think it would be far more of a problem if it did) but in some instances if they are racially insensitive stereotypes etc then yeah steer clear


Didn’t read the article obviously


Good post this.

tbh I do find the whole issue of Cultural Appropriation somewhat confusing. I’m never quite sure where the line is.