Digital Record Player



Any views on this DIS people?

Basically seems to be a record player that will connect wirelessly to sonos, bluetooth speakers etc and also use some sort of shazam style feature to create a playlist of the records you play on spotify.

Not really sure what claims they are making in terms of build or sound quality beyond ‘really good’.

I don’t know enough about hifi to know if this is potentially any good. I could do with a new turntable but this would be right at the limit at what I’d be prepared to pay for one so not really up for paying upfront, looks like they are going to struggle to get the funding unless they get lots of publicity.


Isn’t the appeal of the vinyls that you get away from all that shite?


Quote from the page:
It is important to note that this is not a rip from the vinyl. Other great TTs do a digital rip but it can be clunky, and the music can’t go anywhere except to your computer due to you only having the vinyl rights when you buy the record. That is why most vinyl comes with a free download code, so you don’t have to do all that ripping, and the rights are solved for local digital use. But in our experience, hardly anyone even uses their code. Ripping is great if you have patience to do a hi resolution rip to an audiophile DAC. However, we are focussing rather on giving you the ability to use the same piece of music to suit the way you want to listen at the time. For high quality, listen to the vinyl. For convenience you have the digi playlist.

Sounds like a bollocks gimmick to me. What if the record you’re trying to ‘shazam’ (for want of a better word) doesn’t exist on Spotify? I assume no playlist is created then. If the album is on Spotify, it takes less than a minute to create a playlist and/or download it so it’s available in offline mode.

I’d save my money and buy a better turntable


It’s a gimmick, you can just cataloge your vinyl on spotify and plug a doo lally with wifi the same sound system as your turntable to have an all emcompassing player.