Digital Revolution - Over


I like this.


i’ve been rocking this look for a while
(apart from records)



Is there any further comment required than “Simon Jenkins is a cock”?


What is he, like 90 or something? And still seething with resentment at his school maths teacher. What a nob. Also “Office FOR National Statistics” Simon you sloppy hack.


I’m not sure I’ve read anything of his before, so I was able to read this with unprejudiced eyes.

Please - why is he a cock? What did his school maths teacher do? Does any of this invalidate the rest of the piece?


The resurgence of retro technology is neither negative nor a hipster fad. My landline is simply better than my mobile, as my FM radio is better than my digital one. Photographers say that pictures printed from film are superior to digitised ones. A DJ knows that a vinyl groove holds a deeper bass line.



Office About National Statistics


Any comment on the warmth of vinyl?


Just that vinyl is definitely warmer, and also punchier, with crisp top-ends and mellow bass (which has nothing to do with the recording, production or mastering of the sound, but apparently everything to do with the format it’s presented in)


“I, a middle aged man, have concluded that all the things I remember from my youth are definitely better than the things that have been developed since I became an adult.”

Cheers for that, Simon. Definitely haven’t heard that take before.


You’ve never read anything by him? He’s one of the most famous journalists in the country. He was the editor of the Standard and the Times.

He has a long-standing resentful hard-on about scientists, and mathematicians in particular. I remember fondly an article where he raged several times about the uselessness of “quadrilateral equations”, whatever they might be.

He is now one of those tiresome professional controversialists, and this is more of the same.


Nailed it.


OK, I honestly had no idea.

But regardless, I quite like this piece. I’m probably about one third Simon’s age, I’ve nothing but respect for scientists and mathematicians, and I see no point in offering contrary viewpoints for the sake of offering contrary viewpoints… and yet, it’s possible to detect a definite case of digital fatigue.

Or maybe, having been called a pretentious twat for so long just for favouring certain mediums over others, I’m just feeling vindicated.


I’m on board with this too and also know nothing of the writer.

It’s an obvious piece, he is writing nothing new but so what it all makes sense and for some people is true

In some parts, me included

I don’t own a Kodak though.