Been listening to Is The Is Are today. For the 1st time in probably 5 years forgot how good it is. To say it was made in all that turmoil with the lead singer being done with heroin and his addiction problems amazed they made an album that good.

New album due out toward the back end of this year was the last I heard.


Saw them live for the first time last year and was so blown away. Got me really excited for where they’ll go next - since they were so groovy and tight.

It made me appreciate how strong Deceiver was as well. Like Before You Were Born especially’s just crushingly beautiful in the best possible way.


Really hope any new output is like Deceiver, such a beautiful record and much much stronger than the jangly stuff

Thirded for Deceiver. Just one of my favourite records of the last few years, and they were great at Primavera.

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yeah they were stunning.

The album I’d like is something as ambitious/ concise as Deceiver, but maybe moving past the gloom. Mainly because I was not prepared for how energetic and joyous that set was, and the world needs to know.