Dilemma (Lunch)



got a lunch problem guys.

My girlfriend accidentally took my keys with her to work today (she also has her keys, we have no spares) so I’m having to work from home. This is fine.

However, today is our big shop day, which means we’ve got pretty much fuck all food in the flat. To get from the street into the flat you need a fob (which is with my keys). So as it stands, I can’t go to the shop and I have no food. Should I

  • get my girlfriend to drive home to give me my keys on her lunch break (40min round trip)
  • knock on doors until I find someone who’s in in my block who can buzz me back into the building after a trip to the shops
  • order a takeaway and meet the delivery person at the front gate

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Chat is permitted btw


I’m confused about your fob/gate situation. If you get a takeaway, the delivery driver can hand you the food, but you can’t get past the gate yourself?

Is it a bunch of tall bars that you can’t fit through, or could you climb over it?


Got to be honest mate, this is a no-brainer. Guilt-free takeaway.


push a button to get out. fob to get in. I can let the delivery driver in, but if I went to the shop I wouldn’t be able to open it from the outside


your girlfriend’s crime, let her do the time


Or hold it as a favour in lieu?



I recommend getting all of the bed sheets in the house and tying them together to make one long rope, hanging it out of the window, and climbing down it to get to the street. If the window is too far from the street you’ll need to sort of swing the rope around with you half way down it until you get enough movement that you can launch yourself off it.

Buy a ladder on the return journey to help with getting back in.


Our window opens up to the courtyard in the middle of the block, not the street


Thought that might be the case so we’ll go with plan B. Can you get on the roof? Hang the bed sheets off the roof.


I’m erring towards this option, might set up a seperate ‘what type of takeaway should aggpass get for lunch?’ poll. I fucking love polls!



How does the postman get in?

Do you not have a ‘Tradesman’ button, so anyone can get in before midday or whatever?


There’s a keypad, so there might well be a password, but I don’t know what it is


You’ll have to starve then.

(or get something delivered)

Not got any stuff you can throw together and make a meal from? Pasta, tuna, etc?


Surely the simplest, most obvious, grown up solution is she sends your keys back in a taxi?


really slim pickings. Anything I put together would be gross. If we had some bread knocking about it’d be fine




would be tempting if we lived in the sticks and she worked in the city centre, but it’s the other way round, and am I fuck sending a cab to near rotherham and back. Would cost more than the most extravagant takeaway