Dilemma* thread (feat. poll)


*not a dilemma

Say you find out through a work task that some members of your team have about a 30% lower workload than others - including yourself - but are all on the same pay grade. Do you give a shit?

  • Fucking LIVID, mate
  • Give a shit, that’s not how pay works
  • Ham sandwich

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  • YES!
  • no

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Pay is - or should be - a reflection of experience, expertise and responsibility as well as workload.


Just because you’re not smart enough to shirk responsibility effectively, don’t take it out on them!


Salute the lucky bleeders and hope that one day you’re in the same position.

Bringing it to management’s (spit) attention just contributes to a race to the bottom.

Have two extra wanks in the toilet a week to compensate, if you’re feeling especially bitter.


Not how pay works but also I’d probably be livid.


Same pay based on lower workload - no shits given.

Same pay based on demonstrably poorer performance - lots of shits given.


I’m firmly in the not giving a single solitary shit camp, fwiw. My colleague with the 7p expenses claims is the one who’s spitting teeth.