Dilemma thread


You’re in a toilet cubicle. There’s someone in an adjacent cubicle. You don’t know who it is. They sneeze. Do you say bless you?

  • No, it violates the quiet sanctity of the cubicle
  • Yes, I’m not being responsible for someone’s soul escaping ffs
  • No, but I never say it anyway
  • Smart-arse “gesundheit” option for @marckee

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Find it really uncomfortable saying ‘bless you’ team I sit with at the moment no one ever says it, it’s great



If someone says bless you, then I have to say thank you, and that’s already far too much like having a conversation for my liking.


If I’m in the toilet at home and my wife asks me something through the door I refuse to answer as I don’t converse when on the toilet, so no, I wouldn’t say bless you.


“you alright in there, it’s been 45 minutes?”



if I spoke to someone who was in the bathroom and they didn’t answer I would worry that they’d passed out or died


or maybe they respect the sanctity of the toilet mate! If I’ve died, it will all come out in the wash eventually. Just leave me be!


sometimes I just go to the toilet to get away from it all and so she will try and deduce if I am in there on official business by quizzing me


I do hate when people I live with bother me while I’m in the bathroom. Like we live together, we see each other practically all day every day, give me ten minutes of peace.


I’d freak out if someone else in another toilet cubicle said anything to me


DiS has made me cackle on the toilet before and I realised I must seem like a fucking maniac


“hey mate, how is it today?”


Saying “bless you” seems wrong at all times because I’m an atheist. When someone sneezes I say nothing or, if it seems necessary, offer them a tissue. If they’re in a toilet cubicle, they have access to tissue already.


I never say bless you in any situation unless they look like they’re going to kick off cause somebody hasn’t said it.


like a guy at work looked visibly annoyed after he sneezed the other day and said “bless you” to himself sarcastically


If i sneezes in a toilet and someone said bleas you, I’d think they were a complete oddball


Bleas you


Usually just say “You’re so good looking”