Dim Mak!



I’ve sent off my five bucks. Who else wants to join the Black Dragon Fighting Society?
We could totally take on those Music Board mooks.

"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)

without a coat?


I think I’m up for this



Bumped into that prick in New Orleans airport. I said “You’re Steve Aoki”. All that came to mind at the time. Wish I’d had a cake to throw at him.


is he a cunt? people seem to really dislike him


is this now the steve aoki thread?

the only clip I’ve seen of him ‘performing’ he pressed a button and danced around spraying champagne on the audience. what a guy


He’s the guy that progressed that mid 2000s electro scene to full on American bro-step. Like a less talented but more smug Diplo.

His solo album truly was a shower of shit from start to finish. Comes across more as a businessman than anything else.


weird. i only really know of him coz dim mak released an icarus line record and then they fell out (unsurprisingly)


The Icarus Line were on Dim Mak!? That is weird. Though weird in a way that I could imagine the person who came up with the idea saying “yeah, it’ll be totally Birmingham” to a nodding Steve.


there were a few decent punk bands on dim mak to begin with

not really sure how he turned into the EDM superstar


The whole time they were on the label they just completed roasted him om buddyhead like every day.


I prefer It Mek over Dim Mak.


Probably just did it for the cred


Pretty Girls Make Graves were for their first EP and album iirc, top band (not massively punk but whatevs)


here’s another fun steve aoki fact: his sister is devon aoki, of sin city and 2 fast 2 furious fame


Always thought Dim Mak sounded Welsh


Alright Mogwai


I’d fucking love the death touch. I’d use it sparingly of course … YEAH RIGHT!