Woken up early with a strange ear problem. It’s like my ear bones can sense the cold and are moving. It’s not so bad under the covers.


Hey DB. Strangely woke up about an hour ago and not been able to get back off to sleep. Bolt upright. One of those where you don’t feel tired but you know that you are. Work at 8. Not looking forward to that. Maybe that has something to do with it. Got the ashes on to see if that helps send me off.


Oh I thought you were gonna say you have Strange Ear Things 2




Not as good as the first season


Luckily the heating seems to be broken in my office so it’s impossible to fall asleep (grrrrr).
Dar, I hope your ear is now less stranger than actual things and Rich, I hope you’re now :zzz:


It’s not strange anymore but I can’t sleep. I think I ate too much sugar popcorn at the cinema.


Could you cancel it out by eating a bag of salted popcorn?
What did you watch? The Florida Project was amazing by the way


Blade Runner 2049

I think I might find something boring to read idk


A boring podcast with a 15 min sleep timer usually does the trick for me


Don’t have headphones :pensive:


hasn’t emily thornberry got lovely hair


Heading back to Rainy Day Fascist Island today going to miss the lovely Greek weather and being able to see thousand year old monuments down the road from where I was staying.


mornin all.

flying back to glasgow this afternoon. just kinda fannying about until then. plan was to really drag out breakfast but i’m not really hungry so dunno what to do.


On my way to the airport back to Brisbane.

Fun fact: I’ve done 53,000 steps over the last couple of days in Sydney. I am tired.


Went to sleep at like 11 so I’m now awake. Annoying.


Slept terribly. Probably too many :beers:

Gonna get up and head out on the :bike:, can’t really be arsed tho


The inevitable has happened and I finally have the cold the rest of my family have had. Slept terribly and I feel all shivery/achey :face_with_thermometer:


Meal went well last night :slight_smile:

Quiet day today I think, might pop into town later.

Monday ruddy evening

Looks Incredible. Well done man