Dining with DiS: A Competition🍷🍽️

This place is full of culinary mavericks so let’s have some fun.


Contestants will be put into groups with their dinner party menu and ambience going up against each other. The winners will progress to the next round and will submit new entries until we have our Champion! For extra fun, we get to guess which DiSer each host is!

The HOW:

Submit your entry by sending me A DM in the following format

  1. Starter
  2. Main
  3. Pudding
  4. Drinks
  5. Ambience (include as much or little detail as you like)

The menu should be something that you can reasonably believe you would be able to make for a dinner party. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but no ready meals or takeaways please.


All initial entries should be submitted by 11:00am on Wednesday 17th.

(Note: it is deeply upsetting to me that the two wine glass emojis are displaying differently despite being the same emoji. Please accept my apologies for this hideous asymmetry.)



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What a sad little thread :smiley:


I fixed your glasses but now they don’t appear on the same line, sorry. Can change it back if you like!

That’s great, thank you!

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Ps. GREAT idea! Dunno if I’m too intimidated by all the great chefs on DiS to take part tho…

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Noooo, I’d rather have a good toad in the hole and apple crumble than anything fancy!

Might be easier to make your profile public until the cut off

Oops - thanks for alerting!

I’ve taken part, I’m definitely not a great chef

Is that working now?

I went via my inbox but figured there’s always people who think they can’t pm someone with a private profile, might put people off

(But yes it’s working now)

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Excited in!

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I am no culinary maverick but in! Looking forward to this

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Have received some exceptionally tasty entries (not all fancy, any food welcome) but going to need more to make groups. So to get an idea of if this is feasible or if I should let this thread sink into the depths

  • I’m going to enter but I’ll do it later
  • I might enter (come on, commit!)

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Would we need to provide an alternative vegetarian/vegan menu?

I did as I figured it was only fair (would lose me points :shushing_face:

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Up to you

Evening bump, I’ll probably just do two or three groups and then a final. It’s more about the bonus polls really.