Dinner / banal

walked around two different supermarkets in a daze trying to figure out something i want to eat for dinner

still got nothing

Errrm, well if you’re going away tomorrow why don’t you treat yourself to a takeaway?

probably do some soup or something

we need to paint the hallway again tonight

cannot. be. fucked.

mexican monday at casa del eric, think we’re doing black bean and chicken ‘ritos. Just out doing a bit o’ shopping, tempted to buy a fancy coffee.

i like the way you think witches


Pizza. (For @Japes, not for me).

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Having carne con chilli and g-bread :ok_hand:

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Shops are always busier on Monday evenings so we’ll make do with what’s in the kitchen already… Risotto with chorizo, red onion, garlic and kale.

:astonished: thought you were a vegetableman

had a dr oetker in my hands at one point. put it back again.

whoops, forgot the asterisk!

none of the crew are up for pub pizza this eve, debating going on my own cause I can’t be fucked cooking anything :thinking:

Trying to be healthy but quite want another chicken Kiev (or 2)

Assorted meat leftovers and bread.

i think this is where i’m having difficulty. don’t want to eat anything unhealthy. also don’t like the look of anything that is actually good for me.

Would have been a solid if unspectacular choice.

I want the same thing as I had yesterday - Toad in the Hole with peas and really thick gravy. Will have to be something else though :frowning:

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Soup tonight I think.

Had pasta & pea pesto for lunch.

The eternal problem of my life

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think I would like it very much if someone were to cook me a lovely meal tonight

most likely I will get a ready meal and a 4 pack after i finish Yoga later

Having fishcakes and mash I think.