Dinner / banal

pizza is the only ready meal that isn’t depressing

Double potato?

Pfft, Marks and sparks tho.

Supposed to be going to the pub for penoiding but I’m not feeling amazing. The Cajun chicken burger there is brilliant but I’m not sure if I can face it today. They used to do really good warm salads but they’re all fishy nowadays and I’m not really into seafood.

I’ll probably have chips.

Charlie Bighams tho

So pricecore aren’t they tho.

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I only get them occasionally when they’re on offer.

Yeah, that is quite potatoey isn’t it. Going to have some veg with it as well.

did a couple of them when they were on offer tbf

not paying £7 or whatever they normally cost though. can get an actual meal in a restaurant for that (probably)

I quite like some of the fancy sainsburys ones

Theyre meant as two portions aren’t they?

Most of ours are misery meals in better packaging

enjoying watching this post get edited back and forward

think my main problem with ready meals is that i am very greedy and could easily eat about 5 of them

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:blush: I’m trying to cut back on pointless bullshit in my DISing

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Another one of those vegan meat substitutes?

Toast + salad or soup, w/e

Finished for the day. Pretty rubs day, but listening to @ericVI’s lp. It’s pretty deafheaven :wink:. No idea what dinner is going to be

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Just remembered that I have the stuff for spicy chicken, homous and cucumber wraps so I’ll be having that for the next two nights instead of delicious garlic butter.