DINNER BOOKED Thursday 19th 7.30pm 🍔


Yeah, I’m up for it


Poor @eltham


oh shit. retracted


I’ll be in London in May… as I’ll be with someone else I’m still unsure if I want to meet dweebs from the Internet.


No normies allowed!!


gonna keep this open for another week then book a restaurant so keep suggestions coming :slight_smile:


Can I come but via Skype on a tablet strapped to eric’s waist?


If it doesn’t win I’m probs down in the swamp on the 20th if anyone would like to meat up


I eat like a child but if its something I can do I’ll come


I’d be happy to just get a mcdonalds or whatever


dr oetkers and a bag of cans in someone’s garden


My house opens into a courtyard and there are a couple of restaurants that have tables (including a pizzeria) out there SO ACTUALLY I can kinda do that


imagine what an actual disaster a DiS house party would be



How do you feel about food now?


Sounds like the greatest idea ever


Wouldn’t rely on that guy to turn up tbh.


I absolutely love it it’s the best and shapes my entire life


I say “shapes my entire life”, I mean OUT of shapes my entire life, knowwaddayemean?


I would very much like to go, I can’t really fill in availability though as it is easier for me to have a date and then see if my mum can babysit.


lots of dates on 7 at the moment… can we get some deciding votes?