DINNER BOOKED Thursday 19th 7.30pm 🍔


i took out a couple of votes which might be iffy


Thursday 12th winning at the moment. Will close poll and set the date in next few days so please vote if you havent already.


Closing the poll today so please fill it out!


Also for anyone who cant afford it but wants to go please let me or someone else know and we can see about covering you.

I’ll make sure the restaurant isnt any more than about £15 a head and we will pay individually so you dont have to worry about someone ordering steak and champagne.

If we can cover all/some of it I will also just transfer you the cash up front so there’s no way of knowing.


come on sweet, sweet 19th! absolute dreamteam in there!


Question I’m pretty sure I know the answer to: are partners and thinlies-velied invited too?


I think so yeah! Friends, enablers, children…


Enabler: just another word for soulmate :+1:


Also please bring more women lol


Imagining you obnoxiously ordering ‘more women’ at the table now


We want them here, and we want them now


Dont know if we’re going to that kind of place


How does this place sound?

  • Yes
  • No

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Looks gooood but can you reserve a table at either of these chief?


Not sure. @eltham suggested it.


It’s good, but the Brixton one is quite small and I’m fairly sure you can’t reserve a table at either.


Clapham one is bigger, but not sure either of them would be great for groups.


yeah I was here last night and it’s tiny. will post some options and a poll later.


can people post ideas for restaurants for when we go out for a meal on the 19th

  • must be large enough for a table of 12+ people
  • must take bookings
  • must be vegetarian friendly
  • must be affordable or at least have cheaper options

The Gate - either the one in Islington or Marylebone, might be a bit expensive for some people, mains are £15ish. I’ve been to the one in Hammersmith and enjoyed it http://thegaterestaurants.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/A-la-Carte-Spring-2018.pdf

Arepa and Co - Venezuelan place in either Haggerston or the newly opened one in Bethnal Green. I think it looks pretty good http://arepaandco.com

Le Bab - really posh kebabs https://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/le-bab#tab_panel_4

would be interested in hearing about a really nice pizza


I went to The Gate before a Sun KIl Moon gig last year. It was tasty!