DINNER BOOKED Thursday 19th 7.30pm 🍔


I’m gonna book within the next few days so anyone who hasn’t expressed an interest but might want to go please let me know so we have a rough idea of numbers


Shit can’t do the 19th as I’ll be on holiday! Completely forgot somehow.

We’re off to Naples, so if you guys choose pizza perhaps we can arrange a liveblog foodstream and eat pizza together in the spirit of EU harmony


I think it would inevitably leave us disappointed about our pizza in comparison to yours. ate so many nice pizzas when I went to Naples and the Amalfi coast. oh yes.


Big fan of the gate, had shakshuka there recently that was very peng.

Radio Alice in Hoxton is good for pizza, quite cheap too.


I think the menu of the Gate looks so generalist and bland there but it was pretty tasty


boo can’t make it. the next one!


Well up for a bit of Radio Alice. Sourdough, all organic ingredients (I think) and good veggie/vegan options. Only been to the one in Clapham and it’s really good.

400 Rabbits in Crystal Palace is a similar sort of set-up - slightly cheaper if anything. Had an excellent vegan pizza there on Friday.


ok gonna provisionally book this Radio Alice place (we can always cancel/change). would 19.45 be too late for people do you think? earliest before that is 18:30 which even for me (never ever work late ever) would mean going straight from work with no dilly dallying.


Silk Road - Camberwell. Lots of veggie options and its one of the best places to eat in London. Cheapish too.


would they be cool with a booking for 12 people?


That’s fine by me but I’m off that day anyway so makes no real difference. Plenty of places nearby to meet for a pint beforehand so it’s probably cool if people are at a loose end after work?


Already messaged DB but sadly can’t make this one…hopefully I’ll have much more time/money in the future so should make one soon.

Hope you all have a smashing time.


they’ve got a massive table at the back, sure that’d be fine.


cool will tell them you sent us :cowboy_hat_face:


( the manager knows me by sight i’ve been there so many times :frowning: / :slight_smile: )


cant wait till you move back to south east London and can join the dining club for real


let’s get a little poll going then

  • The Gate
  • Radio Alice
  • This place in Camberwell (Silk Road) that has profk stars

0 voters


also, there’s the stormbird round the corner for the beer wankers, and hermits cave opposite for the good guys.


If people don’t vote I will choose it for you.


Storm bird is great. And have been meaning to go Silk Road for ages as I work near it.

So I’m voting forrrr… Silk Road.