DINNER BOOKED Thursday 19th 7.30pm 🍔


Not this week I’m afraid :frowning: I have an exam on Monday and am busy this weekend so need to revise. Have fun though!


Really sorry I can’t make it now :disappointed_relieved:


that’s ok - things come up

hopefully see you at the next one :slight_smile:


I’ll give ruffers a shout


@meowington are you interested at all? Looks like the sort of place that would have good vegan options


Still hoping to be there but looks like my work plans this week are about to change and it could be a late day. Hopefully won’t be a problem, but won’t know until I’ve spent some time onsite.


No worries. I’ll pm you my number and even if you come later I’m sure we’ll still be about. Totally understand people have other commitments and not everyone works a 9-5 boring office job


I would but unfortunately I have been travelling with work a lot and this is the only day my bf and I can fit in for a date with each other.
I’ll try to come to the next one or the next drinks for sure!


ruffers is oot :frowning:


Sorry for being so slow on this - got back from holiday to a shit show of work stress and think I’ll be working late every night for a while :frowning: likely to be absent both from this meal and from DiS for a fair bit :’(


Sorry guys, i gotta bail. Just realised i’m broke af. :disappointed:


no problem!


I don’t have phone access today btw

fyi @NotEvenDreams


Ughhh I am going to be in the office so late. I’ll be lucky if I’ve even left Hackney by 7.30 at this rate. Sorry everyone, I will try and swing by for a beer on my way home :disappointed:


No worries- today’s not panned out as badly as it could have. Heading home now to sort myself out and might actually be on time :grinning:


Hope you have a lovely evening troops :+1:


How nice of you all to have a meal on my birthday in my honour


Great bunch of lads


Tell me what you’re doing for your birthday and how old you are.


Alright officer!