DINNER BOOKED Thursday 19th 7.30pm 🍔


Bon appetite


Working today (but doing fuck all and eating cake/sweets) and will probably have pints at the weekend.

And 29.


I’m en route. Might grab a crafty half in Stormbird first or are we eating at 7:30 sharp?


Think I’m the first, hurry up penoids :wink:


come on folks keep us updated

let us pretend to have a social life through your eyes


Yeah pics plzz


@profk you beautiful man, this was a great shout


:ok_hand::cowboy_hat_face: :+1:


Omg this looks amazing


hope these guys had a great dinner


This was a really nice meal. I could have gone on eating it for a long time.


I’d really like to do something similar again soon.

The pizza place next time maybe? Maybe Fridays are a bit easier for people too?


I’m gonna go to London one day and eat food with all of you!


Me tooooooo.


YES PLS BAM :heart:


doubt I would handle the pressure of having to be cool though.


honestly dont worry… (we’re not cool either)


I’m sure you all are but I would like to be cool tbh. It’s fun to be cool and interesting isn’t it


being a DiSer is definitely cool but being well known and well liked on DiS for being a good person AND being good at music = :ok_hand:


just worry people might think I ought to be taller or thinner or something