Dinner Date


My friend was the hapless lad on the show last night. So much to spend the next year ripping him for, but immensely enjoyable to watch nonetheless.

Have you ever won someone’s heart by cooking for 'em, DiS?


Good lord no.
I know a lad who went on that show where people date each other in the dark though, and he’s been with the girl he met on there for 3 years now. So maybe that’s the way forward.


One of my gorgeous friends was on this (or what’s the other one that’s like this? It might have been that one) too - she was pretty successful and they’re still seeing each other, so that’s kind of nice.


Oh what’s his name? I’ll look out for him. We’re fans of Dinner Date in the CCB household.

And yes, sort of. I used to regularly cook for mrs CCB before we started going out as she was best friends with my housemate. But I’ve never cooked a three course meal for a blind date- that’s pretty brave.


did anybody see the episode with the britney spears impersonator? (it was on recently but not sure if that was a repeat or not)

it was a bit weird.


He’s called Dai. It’s the Swansea episode!


Yeah, he reaaaally should have lost his beard.


aye that girls a nutcase, she ended up on xfactor - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitty_Brucknell


a friend from school’s big sister was on blind date in the 1990s
that’ all i have - amazed i haven’t seen anyone else on any programmes liek these - there are fucking loads of them - and theres not THAT many people are there?

met someone who was on come dine with me once (she won i think - IOW it was) - but THAT’S IT!


Girl I work with was on Dinner Date, apparently. She’s spanish, and I believe she cooked him paella. Didn’t see it, no idea how it went, forgot to ask her.

Great bloody story.


I have successfully cooked for three different girlfriends and all three have agreed to post-dinner coitus.

I cooked Wor Lass a different meal to the other two though.




oh I saw that actually


Someone I went to school with went on Take Me Out. He was such a chump. His ‘performance’ thing that he did for them was getting lycra on and going on a rowing machine. I think he got a date though.


when i first saw Dinner Date i found it a bit weird, guys getting girls to cook for them, seemed a bit like they wanted a girlfriend who would be their new mummy.

i’ve realised they do it both ways round now though so i guess it’s alright


yes there are daddy fetishists too it’s fine