Dinner thread

What are my favourite internet people having for dinner tonight that I can rip off?

bit early foppyish.

but definitely fajitas

Probably pasta. Maybe soup.

Trying to eat the dregs of food in the house before we move.

it’s 5 o’clock lo-pan my man. I mean, I don’t normally eat until after 8 at the earliest but I think we can at least dream of food right now.


monday evening, nothing in the house, early start tomorrow…all signs point to PUB DINNER

sub thread: list what you’ve got left and we’ll come up with some super recipes

Sardines wrapped in foil and chucked on the BBQ. Braised peppers. New potatoes. Not exciting by many people’s standards, but tasty.

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that sounds pretty tasty

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I am making risotto for tea.

Udon in mushroom-soy broth with wakame, chili and stir-fried chestnut mushrooms


from memory, in the fridge (i’ll leave the sweet stuff out):

a packet of fresh pasta (filled)
small bit of broccoli (I think)
some carrots?
probably some sugar snap peas
the remnants of soup we made yesterday (sweet potato and lentil)

in the cupboard:
sweet potato
some garlic
dried pasta
red lentils
risotto rice
coconut milk
maybe chopped tomatoes though these might be gone
usual spices / herbs / sauces etc you’d expect

think there’s some salmon in the freezer?

Was going to make quiche but apparently that is too long to wait and too rich for Mr S…

So wedges, Linda mcC burgers and peas…

I am going to the gym so afterwards I will have wholewheat noodles with broccoli, asparagus and spring greens in a stir fry with sauce made of soy, ginger, garlic and chilli.

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Stir fry. Need something quick as I am heading to a rock gig.

Going out for Lebanese. So hungry. Can’t wait

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monday mushroom stroganoff!!

Leftover homemade rectangular veggie pizza from this weekend. Yum!

That’s a lot of adjectives in one sentence.

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ffs wr