Dinner thread

Braised shallots and lentils in a red wine jus with celeriac/squash/sweet potato mash

Leftover Persian prawn pilau wot I made yesterday and is my new favourite thing.

Yes you could.

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Tesco meal deal:

Hoisin duck wrap
Paprika Walker’s max

Was going to have it for lunch but the greedy cat was around so i guess i’m having it for supper instead.

I’m hungry!

Leftover Chinese takeaway from last night. Had pork in Peking sauce, it was good. Got some salt and pepper chicken as well, but instead of wings or whatever they were cute little popcorn chicken bits, I was well into that.

Currently drinking Belgian beer in a Belgian bar. So probably more beer

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Homemade chilli. I’ll take the leftovers to tomorrow’s lunch thread.

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I got some ready meal thing that was reduced (chicken katsu curry maybe, I can’t even remember)

Pie (steak and stilton for me; chicken, ham and leek for wor lass), mash, peas and gravy.