Dinner Thread



What are YOU having for dinner/supper/tea etc? As mentioned in the other thread I am having pizza which comes as a shock to exactly NO ONE.


really wish you hadn’t mentioned dominos.

Now my diet is fucked


Sorry Bammers. At least you’ve had a big run though!


Beef short ribs. Haven’t decided what to have with them yet


I have ordered Domino’s too… I’m weak.


I love the influence I’m having on everyone’s diets.


When Pizza Is Your Soulmate


you should be on commission


Pasta monstrosity with bacon and courgette


Had a mega lunch out…nachos, goats cheese and roasted veg inside down tart, baileys cheesecake.

So full still…probably manage some cheese and crackers or toast later. Or crisps and a double decker


Played two hockey matches today and we get pizza and chips for our home matches so basically had pizza and chip for lunch and dinner. Healthy!


That sounds like a really good lunch. What’s an inside down tart?


More pints?


Just chopped chillis and scratched my balls without washing my hands ffs, really burning lmao


Well it was sort of like a tart train, the pastry was on the bottom - puff, with veg on top and then goats cheese on that. Got salad and potatoes with it too!


Tarte Tatin




Prefer the sound of a tart train tbh


A tandoori mixed kebab, king prawn biryani - plus Cobra beer.


at least it was only your balls