Dinosaur Jr thread of appreciation


love the way the lead guitar and rhythm guitar snake around eachother on this


favourite Lou song


Genuinely prefer The Smashing Pumpkins soz


Great band. One of my favourites.


Been meaning to get into Dinosaur Jr so I welcome this thread




So much better than the album version


love this speed-freak version of Freakscene


Hand it over is a criminally underrated album. Definitely the bast of their post Lou 90’s output.
Here’s the evidence -

Just listen to the whole bloody thing though, absolute corker.


Love the crowd singing it back to the band in that video.


You’re living all over me & Bug are both great, but I think I actually prefer his voice post-reformation - sounds nicely weathered now.

These off the comeback were great:


Start with You’re Living All Over Me


Love ‘I’m Insane’ and ‘Alone’ from that album. Definitely my favourite one without Lou.



I’ve never really got into this one but definitely need to give it another listen


Pretty much a J solo album, think he played almost everything on it. Honestly might be my favourite Dino album over YLAOM. Kevin sheilds co-produced it and plays on a few tracks. You can hear they spent quite a bit of time finding slightly offbeat guitar sounds, lots of stuff going on in the background on a lot of tunes that you might not clock first time around. Outro ‘chorus’ part on I’m insane for eg. Sounds like the guitars are falling down the stairs. Bloody love it.


where you been is 10/10. better than any of the full band ones, don’t @ me.


This is a lovely song


I bit like Sonic Youth for me…in that I loved and was obsessed with them in the early 90s with Mudhoney, et al.

But haven’t listened to anything more recent than that. They played Reading recently, and gutted I missed it. Small (500/600) venue too, which would have been great.