Dinosaur Jr thread of appreciation

Full review of Beyond now available;

Love it. Can’t say I can hear why it is any more or less AMAZING than any of the others since though - everything they do is 8/10+ right?

Think people love Beyond in particular because they came back with it and were still great so must have been a nice moment for their fans.

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Nah, for me it’s because it’s just a great album full-stop. Think it might have been the first album I listened to by them. Amazing guitar tone, the songs have more momentum and conviction than what came on later albums, Lou is on top form, has some lovely slower moments. Top-drawer album.

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Anyone else find when listening to their recent albums that the production is quite flat. J isn’t necessarily the best producer. I think their sound live is much fuller

Just added my first post covid shitstorm gig to my song kick app.

Dinosaur Jr. - 30th September, The Athenaeum Theatre, Columbus, Ohio.

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