Dinosaur Jr thread of appreciation


j was supposed to do a gig in a pub in Manchester this winter where he was gonna play the first two stooges records in full. I think Lou got a virus or something and they called the whole tour off. so gutted i didn’t get to see that.



Haven’t listened to anything beyond You’re Living All Over Me. Which is probably all I need tbh.


Stick Bug on.


I love im insane and a couple of others, but nowhere close to where you been.


bruh nahhhh… Beyond is one of the great comeback albums. Green Mind is class too.


Never understand why people criticise where you been for being overproduced. Think the instrumentation and production are incredible throughout. One of the deepest, densest, most evocative albums i know: up there with superunknown.


Any fans of j’s weird falsetto? I love it!


Also, love the dual m/f vocals in the chorus here:



I also absolutely rinsed Farm the year that came out - really solid album.The CD copy I got had a mastering error on it that meant it was ridiculously loud and blown out.

I loved the long jammy ones, but this was a really strong single:


fucking love this song. the little G/D/G/C bit after the main riff with all the wrenchy scrapey pick noise <3



I like how dinosaur jr look so much cooler as middle aged men then they did in their youth


Possibly my most played song at age 15


One of my most seen bands. Fond memories of listening to them constantly at college in the mid nineties. I last saw them few years back at the Kentish Town Forum, probably time I see them again


I think my CD must have had the same error, I assumed it was meant to sound like that.


this isn’t on Spotify for some reason but the rest of the album is? like it’s been jettisoned from the album. weird.


First few thousand pressed were like that. I love it myself, absolutely blows the head off you.


Lovely stuff