Dinosaur Jr thread of appreciation


Recently realized how awesome Living all over me is

Glad i finally gave this my time, sludgefest makes me want to air guitar in the office


It’s the high watermark of 80s alt rock. Got it all - hooks, noise, killer lyrics, bit needy, etc


Also i like how the almost afterthought closing track managed to create a whole genre of its own


Their definitive album IMO. They did quite a lot of stuff from that when they reformed and did those Kentish Town shows in 2005. Remember the intro to The Lung making my hairs stand on end. Properly brilliant.


Such a fine album.

I liked it so much that on New Year’s Eve 1993(?), I decided that Little Fury Things would be a great tune to welcome in the New Year at our house party. I turned it up to a respectable volume, carefully lowered the stylus onto the record (the what onto the what?), and emptied the entire room in seconds. Apparently not everyone likes 12 bars of shouting over atonal distorted guitars. Fools