Dinosaur Jr


peep these Dinosaur Jr shows in December.

I reckon I’m going to go to one of the Manchester ones, but it’s nigh on £30 which is quite a bit. Is there any special occasion why they’re doing 3 Manchester shows in a row? Usually I wouldn’t bother paying to watch a band of old farts I’ve seen loads of times already when there’s no new music and I’ve not got much money atm, but they’re so reliably brilliant live that I feel I have to.

Going to the Roundhouse show, saw them last year in Kentish Town which was great, quite surprised that they’re back round again so quickly but they are always worth seeing. I think they’re probably just making most of their money from touring and can always guarantee a decent turnout in the UK. Cloud Nothings have fully justified the ticket price too.

This will be my fifth Dinosaur Jr show, would rate the first four

  1. Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2010 - Co-headlining with Built To Spill, wondrous
  2. Glastonbury 2013 - As close as you can get to a pure ‘hits’ set
  3. Kentish Town Forum 2016 - Had a great time but was magnificently drunk so not certain, remember the ‘Give A Glimspe…’ songs sounded great, especially ‘I Walk For Miles’.
  4. Brooklyn Bowl 2014 - Terrible venue, you can hear people hitting the pins during the quiet moments, the lanes are literally right next to the stage.

Hold on a second, sly You’re Living All Over Me 30th anniversary show? Reissue inbound?

Saw Dino jr at Kentish Town also. One of my all time favourite bands but probably don’t need to see em again so soon. Dragged my wife along and even she enjoyed it!

Looking forward to seeing the Breeders however in October :ok_hand:t2:


I was seated next to J Mascis on a bus once (a shuttle bus taking performers and others from the festival to the hotel). We chatted briefly. He seemed like a good chap. Not a great story, not one that I’d tell at parties. But it was a pleasant experience and it pleased me.


Seen this band more than anyone else I think… First time was in 1993. My favourite was when they first reformed and played Kentish Town Forum. Can’t remember the year, but you could still smoke in there. 2006?

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I was at that gig too. My mate had an asthma attack (possibly due to the smoke in fact) and didn’t have his inhaler on him - the weak ass fool. Great gig though…

Any excuse to play this

Oh yeah - was that an A2-ish poster on a kind of thick card? That was really nice - was really gutted as we were upstairs and left via the fire exit and missed the merch stand.

Any excuse to post a pic of me and J (I’m on the left):


Yeah, it was really good. So loud. I smoked some pot that night, which I very rarely do, and I think it gave me the textbook heightened appreciation of colours and sounds.

Was definitely 2005 because it was 2 days after my first daughter was born, thus I was utterly wrecked after about 2 pints. Was the first time I had seen them, but didn’t really know You’re Living All Over Me at that point. ATP the following year was better for me, with a more “hits” heavy set. And I was more sober.

So are they worth seeing on one of these “intimate tour” dates? Saw them back in 2010 on the Built To Spill joint headline tour - think I remember enjoying them but the venue was maybe on the big side and they’re probably more suited to a smaller venue?

I reckon so. Smallest place I’ve seen them was probably Mean Fiddler and it was great, but they had a new album out at that point and I preferred hearing YLAOM and Bug stuff the year before.

It’s funny - people were going mad for tickets to the Kentish Town shows, thinking they might never play over here again.

But then they ended up playing every ATP for years after and doing what seemed like 100s of gigs in London.