Dipping crisps into your pint


Apparently this is a thing.


Fuck off, no it isn’t.


dipping crisps into your pint

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Absolutely never seen this done and would mercilessly mock anyone I knew who I caught doing it.


I swear down, it is a thing.


I’m sort of in two minds here. I doesn’t seem like something you’d want to do, but crisps and beer is definitely a great pairing of food and drink, so maybe I’m missing something amazing?


Soggy crips would be a great lead-up to a nice relaxing pub shit, you’re right.


fucking hell theo, don’t appease this shite


Picture cropped to protect identities:


But one could say the same about dipping a biscuit in your tea (the sogginess, I mean).


Genuinely repulsed by this. My gf sometimes dips her toast in her tea/coffee and I have to leave the room, it’s revolting.


fucking hell


I dipped my croissant in my coffee at the weekend. It was a good choice.


Gonna be honest here and say it: I’m not a fan of dunking a biscuit in a hot drink.


You’re worse than Trump.


Hitting a ball with a cricket bat and hitting a child’s head with a cricket bat are sort of the same thing, but also, not really at all.


No offence Theo but I’m not gonna listen to the opinion of someone who had 1 bite out of a range of chocolate bars they should’ve tried 20 years previous and then just left them in a pub.


You just sat and watched this happen? Surely they just ruin their pint/their crisps/their dignity!


Crikey. If you didn’t immediately leave the table and sit elsewhere you’re part of the problem.


Guys, I wasn’t there. This has sprung up on the social media thing that @zxcvbnm isn’t on.