Dipping your sandwich into some hummus

(not a euphemism)

  • Yes
  • Fuck off

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What’s in the sandwich…


The only risk is that the contents of the sandwich fall out.

All day breakfast.

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Bit of a funny thing to call it.


We’ve been over this.

I wish we could still edit thread titles.

my wife made hummus yesterday

^ Extremely thinly-veiled “had some chickpeas in the house” post


take it to the valentines thread

No way, pal

It’s red pepper hummus, if that sways you at all.

The devil

Hummus is probably the most pointless thing I’ve ever homemade. Takes forever, tastes no better than standard shop bought hummus


If it’s your hummus, fine. Live and let live.

Communal hummus, fuck off mate.

dipping your sandwich into gravy

  • Oh yes
  • Oh no

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Dipping your KFC burger into the KFC gravy

  • The sweetest vice
  • I don’t enjoy life

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imagine thinking that eating kfc was some kind of celebration of life. smh.

I’ve really had it with you recently, mate.