Dire Straits

I wanted to read the HGATR Dire Straits as, for no logical reason, I have a hankering to listen to them and even some of the Knopfler solo stuff. A hankering that will probably pass, and I couldn’t find the HGATR Dire Straits thread for some reason.

They did bland Rock perfection well methinks.


Do have to say this is high among my undue soft spots, if only for the way it refuses to finish.

Also, GOAT Saturday morning moment.


Supported Talking Heads in 1978 so I read. Weird looking back at acts that become HUGE seeing them in support slots. Nice though.


When they’re good, they’re really good.

Got quite into them about ten years ago when Lost in the Dream came out and had a big noodly soft rock itch to scratch


They appeared on the Peter Cook-fronted, primarily punk-focused regional ITV music show Revolver doing Sultans Of Swing long before it was a hit, and as they start there are a big group of kids in the audience trying to pogo to it.

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Is there a video of this?

I’ve almost finished Series 1 & 2 of Auf Wiedersehen Pet on DVD which I have really enjoyed.

I remember for the 3rd series, which I watched when it aired in 2002 but missed and have never seen the last episode - the theme being by Knopfler - Why Aye Man. I thought it was so bland initially and almost laughable, then it just got lodged in my head for ages, such a subtle but deep hook, that is great song writing.

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All their albums have howlers unfortunately BUT there is so much to love.

Yes I’m a dad rock bore but he is an absolutely gifted guitarist. Also probably my favourite Dylan worshipper. Guy could write a song (then re-write it 89 times).

Tunnel of Love is a masterpiece of dynamics. And gets followed by Romeo & Juliet which eschews all the pyrotechnics and floors you as just a song. Such an aching electric part that closes it out too, incredibly lonely sounding stuff.

Ridiculous rhythm section in their earliest incarnation too. Tight as fuck and all in service of the songs.


Romeo & Juliet was the first time I heard them, or knew of them, I would have been 10 years old. Initially like just some kind of mumbling , yet just like I mention above, it goes in deep and there is a lot of brilliance in the song.

What’s the ‘change your mind about Dire Straights’ album?

I have them filed with Phil Collins and Mike and the Mechanics.

money for nothing is a fuckin riff and a half. :slight_smile:


I somehow only managed to realise very recently it’s Sting singing the falsetto stuff on Money for Nothing.


I don’t think there is one really. Best off building out their 10 best songs:

Sultans of Swing
Tunnel of Love
Romeo &Juliet
Your Latest Trick
Down To The Waterline
Telegraph Road
Private Investigations
So Far Away
The Man’s Too Strong
Brothers In Arms

Theme from Local Hero as a bonus cause it’s ace


TBH just having a Best Of album pretty much covers me if I ever feel the need for some Dire Straits.


Fuck me, they could be boring… but Romeo & Juliet is a banger.

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I have a soft spot for them not for the music but really just the nostalgia of them being a genuine ‘dad rock’ band. Brothers in Arms seemed like the one album that loads of friends loved because their dad loved it. Just a nice thing looking back thinking about dad’s sharing their music with kids just starting to discover music.

I’m sure all the mum’s and dad’s here share their love of music with their kids but it’s actually quite a rare thing or was when and where I was growing up anyway.