Direct flight to Australia from London

so apparently you can soon fly direct to Perth from London.

That is 15,000km. it takes 17 hours crazy.

question: 1) how on earth is anyone expected to sit in a plane seat for 17 hours? i would go insane. do they have like a bar or a pool table or something on board ? if not, i’m out.

longest plane i have been on was to tenerife, maybe about 4 hours? that was more than long enough for me.

Not that I smoke, but imagine being a smoker and having to go more than 17 hours without a fag by the time you’ve checked-in, boarded, disembarked, collected luggage etc!



Was 10 and a half hours in the air going to Mexico, total time spent on the plane was probably about 12 hours - I reckon that’s about my limit.

Any longer than that I’d be seriously considering stumping up the extra dough to sit up the posh end, because I find it absolutely impossible to sleep in a normal seat. Don’t think I’d be able to tolerate all the fucking about at customs and immigration after spending more than a day awake (once you factor in getting up, travelling to the airport and etc before the actual flight). Would be great fun driving home from the airport too!

When I went to australia I left belfast at lunchtime
spent 8 hrs waiting in heathrow
left around 10pm
12hrs to hong kong
2 to 3 hr wait in hong kong
another 12 hr flight to sydney
No sleep and it was morning when I arrived

17 hrs doesn’t sound too bad


I’ve done 13 hour flights before and it’s not so bad, once the plane is about to take off and there’s no way to get off it - you just accept it’s going to be a shitty time and get on with it. It goes by quicker than you think. Even though 17 hours is a hell of a long time, that’s more time to sleep and watch films at least.

8 the longest for me. I watched an entire series of curb your enthusiasm and then read for a bit. reckon I could do double that

11 hours is my longest so far. Doing like 12-13 hours direct to KL in March.
I don’t mind them so much and they’re never actually as long as they say they’re gonna be. They can normally shave off an hour so when you get on you’re like “oh cool”.
I do get proper uncomfortable tho.

I don’t really have any desire to go to aus so I’ll pass on that one anyway.

I’ve been on a train for around 18 hours lots of times, it’s fine.

According to my engineer mate London to Sydney is possible, just doesn’t make sense with the alternative of picking people up/dropping people off at Dubai / Hong Kong / Singapore on the way.

Flew from London to Singapore, which was 13 hours I think. The flight out was fine, it was a night flight so I fell asleep at about the time I usually would and woke up with about 4 hours of flying left.

think all these people who talk about going to sleep in an airplane seat need to check their privilege.

No way could i nod off in one of those things

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It’s just the world’s largest collection of poisonous things.


Being a BURMA I upgraded to premium economy because there’s no way I could sleep in a normal plane seat. So I’ll check my extraordinary wealth privilege instead.


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Big Unit Real MAn,



how i’m did not notice that in ma0sm’s collated list of isms??

That’s every flight I get on

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Yeah, could do it easily, but it wouldn’t be cost effective as you end up limiting the amount of passengers/cargo in order to be able to carry enough fuel for the flight

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Planes =/= trains (and automobiles)

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